Kennedy’s Hotel was the first summer hotel in Canada built in early 1881 by Angus Kennedy. The hotel originally consisted of a dining room for seventy-five people, fifty-two guest rooms, and marble baths on each of the three guest floors.  Originally the building was fifty feet wide and one hundred and four feet long, with two elegant verandas donning the front of the building offering a picturesque view of the downtown area and the Passamaquoddy Bay.

Kennedy’s Hotel was operated by Angus and his son Frank until Angus’s passing in 1904 when Frank became the sole operator of Kennedy’s Hotel. Frank also served as mayor of St. Andrews for many years until his death in 1934.

The hotel remained in the Kennedy family until 1946 when it was sold to Gerald O’Brian of Saint John, New Brunswick. As part of the contract of sale the name Kennedy was never to be used again. Thus the building was renamed the Commodore Inn. In 1961 the hotel started a new era with a sale to Ian and Leni McKay. During which the name was changed to the Shiretown Inn, a Best Western property. Through the years the Shiretown Inn went through many changes including refurbished guest rooms and an expansion being added to the back of the building. The Shiretown Inn operated with a gracious dining room and 26 guest rooms. In 1998 it was purchased in a sale to Anita-Thum-Ludwig. The name was once again changed to Kennedy House with the blessing of Janet Kennedy 3rd generation of the original Kennedy’s. Ms. Thum-Ludwig improved the hotel with the addition of an elevator and other amenities. The hotel was sold to Chris and Leslie Burley in 2004, with the Kennedy name remaining.

Today the property still operates as a seaside Inn with 23 guest rooms. The building still has the elegant verandas encompassing the front of the building, and magnificent views of the downtown area and the Passamaquoddy Bay. Come enjoy St. Andrews by the Sea at the oldest summer hotel in Canada.

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